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Uglylove are a six piece ego-revolutionary reggae/rock band from London that rose from being London’s best kept secret to a worldwide cult following.

They presents well crafted songs in a blistering style with original thought provoking lyrics and with a reputation for their energetic and full-on live performances.


Reggae News

HMusical Youth’s ‘Pass The Dutchie’

“Pass the Dutchie” by British-Jamaican reggae band Musical Youth is one of the songs to be experiencing a resurgence thanks to the new season of the Netflix’s hit sci-fi drama Stranger Things, with a whole new audience discovering its charm through the sync.


Reggae Riddims With Stems

Reggae Music Shop is the premier online sources for reggae riddims with their stems.

The stems are each instrument, (drums, guitar, bass, piano, etc) on their own individual audio file.

For singers and deejays buying a riddim with its stems is quicker, easier and cheaper than hiring musicians.