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Carlton 'Bubblers' Ogilvie is one of the founding members of the Ruff Cutt Band – Europe’s Premier Reggae Backing Band.

Bubblers produced tracks on Maxi Priest No. 1 American Billboard hit album Bonifide and Aswad hit album Rise & Shine including the hit single Shine.

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Why Buy Riddims with Stems? is the premier online source for reggae riddims.
But what are riddims? In reggae it refers to the instrumental.

Stems are each instrument, (drums, guitar, bass, piano, etc) on their own individual audio file.

For artist and deejays buying a riddim with its stems is cheaper, quicker and easier than hiring musicians to record or re-record a riddim.

The stems allows each instrument to be given its own treatment of equalizations and effects and provides greater control over the final mix.

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