Our Story

    Launched in July 2021, the ReggaeMusicShop.com is for labels, musicians, producers and artist to sell their music direct to music buyers.

    Music is sold via digital download and the music-maker set their own sale prices and can keep 100% of the sales price.

    Sales income is paid instantly and publishing royalties is also received when music is used in a music or video project.

    Music-makers have their own profile page, where you can find their music, picture, biography, videos and much more.

    The ReggaeMusicShop.com music player is an amazing promotional tool and has been built with unravelled search features.

    Music can be shared on social media platforms and music-makers can add a music player to their website.

    For singers and deejays, ReggaeMusicShop.com ensures they can find the right instrumental at the right price.

    For music lovers, ReggaeMusicShop.com provides music from a global community of established and independent musicians, vocalists and producers.

    Our vision is to help music-makers keep full control of their music while at the same time creating a large and diverse library of reggae music for music lovers and the creative industry.

    Upload and sell your songs, albums and riddims
    Buy reggae music and download within seconds
    Visit the Artist Pages and find bios, videos, music and links
    See the Newsfeed for the latest music, videos and comments

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