Our Story

    Reggae Music Shop is a music marketplace where music lovers can buy reggae music and where artists, producers and labels can upload, promote and sell reggae songs, riddims, albums and merchandise.

    Created by the reggae community for the reggae community, Reggae Music Shop has been described as the platform for artists to showcase their music while reach new fans and nurturing existing ones.

    Artist Centric
    We genuinely have the music creators on our website at the centre of what we do and we provide promo tools for artists and producers who don’t have the financial backing to promote their music.

    Artists and producers have their own artist promo page where they can upload their music, videos and bio and with their professional looking profile page, artist can instantly engage with music buyers.

    Our music players are amazing promotional tools, music can be shared on social media platforms and music creators can embedded their music players on their website.

    Music creators keep full control of their music and set and keep 80% of their sale price.

    Perfect For Undiscovered Music
    We are slowly building a cool reputation as the place to discover rare reggae gems and the latest reggae songs and riddims.

    Why We Are Great For Music Buyers?
    Reggae Music Shop isn’t just for the artists and producers on our website; we think about the buyers too.

    We have a diverse catalogue of songs and albums uploaded by a global community of records labels, producers and artists.

    Music buyers do not need to sign up or login to buy music.

    With hundreds of artists, producers, labels, songs and riddims to choose from and with the multiple filtering options on our music players, music can be previewed, purchased and downloaded within minutes.

    Reggae Music Shop is the perfect platform to buy reggae riddims with their stems.

    Singers and deejays can buy classics reggae instrumentals from well known labels and producers and original and new riddims from upcoming producers from around the world.

    For singers and deejays buying a riddim with its stems is cheaper, quicker and easier than hiring a studio and musicians.

    Stems allow the artist to upload each instrument separately unto their computer, which means each instrument can be given its own treatment of equalizations and effects; and stems allow for greater control over the final mix.

    When an artist knows they can buy a riddim, (with its stems) direct from the music creator and it will be sound better and cost less than hiring musicians to record or re-record the riddim, most will buy direct.

    After the artist has purchased a riddim, recorded their vocals and the newly recorded track has been mixed and mastered; the artist can then upload, promote and sell their newly recorded track on Reggae Music Shop

    Promotion and Showcases
    Our friendly feel comes via our interactive newsfeed which is populated with the latest comments, videos and music; so you can bet on direct feedback as the comments come from actual music enthusiasts.

    Browse the Artist Pages of record labels, musicians, producers and artists where you’ll find their music, videos and bio.

    The Artist of the Week is where we proudly presents and promote the artists and producers on our website and is a great way for artists and producers to get new audiences.

    We know what you’re thinking – this all sounds great, but how much does it cost?

    It is free to sign up and upload music on Reggae Music Shop and artists and producers can begin earning money from your music straight away!

    Reggae Music Shop
    Reggae Music Ltd
    Brixton, London

    Co-Founder: Johnny Walker

    Johnny Walker started his music career as a sound engineer in Harlesden, London, NW10.

    Working as a live and studio sound engineer Johnny has worked with the reggae greats like Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaacs, Marcia Griffiths, Beres Hammond to name a few.

    Having worked with different artists on the production of their albums and after managing two bands, he wanted to find another way to help more artists with their careers.

    Reggae Music Shop is filling the void for the talent in the reggae industry who need a platform to help them to unleash their creativity”.

    “Our vision is to create a diverse catalogue of reggae music for buyers and the space for the music creators to flourish".

    By supporting each other, we grow together - Reggae Music Shop