Adrien Bass

    The story of Artworkprod started back in 1999 in dirty old analogue recording studios in the suburbs of London, (Brixton, Streatham, Stockwell, Angel, Harlesden and Piccadilly Circus).

    LP formed his own band, (Lo’verses Band) where he played bass guitar and over the next couple of years they did several productions and live shows.

Thanks to God, the music changed into digital recording and LP was ready and waiting for that changed.

LP was running the ideas the setting up home studio after seeing the home studio of his friend, Johnny Walker.

After long sessions in digital recording studios and a course as a sound engineer on a SSL 4000 G+ LP was able to take the bridge between the analogue and digital and discovered by blending them together, he found the perfect mix.

Set up in 2020 Artworkprod has created a versatile platform that provides artists with 360 degrees audio projects.

Using the latest technical Artworkprod provides recording, mixing mastering and live event features for artists.

Their audio design department can provide the sound effects or background your future gaming, films and music project.

Now in the South of France blending the vibes of reggae with suburb jazz and flavours of Latin music.