Dapper is a UK rapper from the Grime and Jungle scene but who can’t help to show his love reggae. has been writing songs and scoring original reggae music.

    Dapper has been described as a street poet in the 21st Century using music to spread his positive vibes.

    Dapper real love is the live scene and every time he takes the mic, the dance erupts with lighters.

Where The Wind Blows is a profoundly meaningful track that will immediately catches you with its chorus. Dapper takes you on a journey through this intense tale of family unity and rising to the mountaintops.

Dapper started his music career age 16 on pirate radios and sound crashes across London.

After a couple of years and slowly building up a following and became a regular MC on Flight FM.

Dapper real love was the live scene, every time he gripped the microphone the dance was erupted in lighters.

Over the dancehall beat of Don't Step Off De Gas, Dapper shines through with his innovate style and positive lyrics. Dapper is moving forward to a higher degree.