Groovie Selecta

    Groovie Selecta is the unapologetic versatile dancehall reggae artist and producer from the "Motherland" Cameroon in Central-West Africa.

    Coming into an industry where dancehall reggae is under represented and where it doesn't even feature as a category or music genre in national award show.

This "Solja of Jah Army" moved to Nigeria, where he had a short spell but it was rich in experience and in his musical growth.

On his return to Cameroon, he continued to power his passion for music through his pen for local acts and in the diaspora.

Groovie Selecta speaks to the younger generation with his up tempo- fist pumping tracks bur he still engages adults with his melo "joyful resistance" tunes.

Groovie Selecta's music is gradually getting some attention.

He partnered with Aussie base Roo Records, to release ' So D Tingo" which claimed the Number One spot in "Broadjam-world Caribbean category."

With this visibility came a "non exclusive" publishing deal and sync opportunities.