Louie Fleck

    Since 1980 native New Yorker, Louie Fleck has been writing songs and scoring original reggae music.

    Louie has played guitar and bass with numerous reggae bands in New York and Los Angeles and has performed at venues across the USA.

Some of the bands include: The Mot!ves, Laury Webb and Tigerbone Band, Marcia Davis and the Outro and the NYC Reggae Collective.

The NYC Reggae Collective is the result of weekly jam's at Louie's Brooklyn studio which has included such luminaries as Duckie Simpson, Papa Michigan, Derrick Barnett, Simone Gordon, Andy Bassford and countless others.

More recently, he has been writing and recording new songs and developing new techniques in dub!

Check out the website, www.louiefleck.com to learn about the numerous albums he has produced and released and find free downloads.