Reggadera is a collective of musicians that has emerged from the mountains of Colombia, in the city of Bogota, some kilometres away from the Caribbean sea, but empowered by the love that each of its members has for the tropics and its beauties.

The city as a backdrop and the experiences as a primary trace, they create songs that express what it is to be Colombian, a violent reality flooded by foreign influences product of the so-called globalization, but surrounded by an incredible variety of local cultures, flora and fauna that does not allow us to forget our roots.

Reggae as a universal language of music, crosses borders, floods the desire to follow the rhythm with any part of the body and has always been recognized as a song of rebellion, street, love, sacredness and peace.

Reggadera was formed more than twenty years ago in the city of Bogota (it’s Colombia not Columbia), exactly in 1999.

It began as tribute to Bob Marley and gradually established its own original repertoire.

Through this collective have passed and still remain members of several emblematic local bands of the Bogota rock scene of the 90s and today.

Bands such as Distrito, Bangladesh, Pepa Fresa, Morfonia, El Zut, Río Son, Los del Centro, Vértigo, Los Swingers, Bloque de Búsqueda, Mágica and Jacana Jacana among others.