Uglylove are a six piece ego-revolutionary reggae/rock band from London that rose from being London’s best kept secret to a worldwide cult following.

They presents well crafted songs in a blistering style with original thought provoking lyrics and with a reputation for their energetic and full-on live performances.

Their album, Uglylove: The Early Years captures this enormous energy and their motto is "No Makeup", goes some way to describe their sound - raw, bold and shamelessly direct.

Barry J: Uglylove in their unique humorous style relates to us the unfortunate fable of Barry J. The life of many a drug seller is sometimes short-lived.

Original Gangsta: Haunting beautiful and a throwback to the one drop era. The wisdom of Uglylove is delivered with passion for the youths of today to consider.

Uglylove has now changed their line-up and have emerged under a new name.

Watch out for big things from Legacy Outernational in 2022.