It started with a sound engineer, a singer and a musician who were all working seperately but who realised that when they came together as one force, something special had began.

    Firstdub is collective of individuals from all areas of the music business who provide a platform for the talented up and coming artist within the community.

A couple summers ago it was a project in the South of France.

The idea was to record an album in seven days with a group of musicians, deejays and singers who had only met in the studio a few hours before. Watch the video below and see the outcome, it was a magical experience.

In 2015 the Firstdub team flew out to Darak in Senegal to record a charity song with some of the local hip hop artist. Like many of their projects, when the vibes are right, creativity can happen in a very short time and Light in Senegal was written and recorded in one session.

Over the 10 days in the capital Firstdub ran several workshops and manage to hold two concerts where the song, Light in Senegal was performed live.