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How to use the Music Player

1. Complete filters and press search
2. Click play and preview the music
3. Click on Add
4. Choose Mp3, Wav, Stems or Exclusive
5. Click on the shopping cart
6. Go to PayPal to make payment
7. Receive an email with download link

The Benefits For Music Buyers

1. Discover songs, riddims and albums
2. All genres of reggae music available
3. Unique and unrivalled searching features
4. Find original, new and classics music
5. Music from new and established artist
6. Secure and safe payment via PayPal
7. Instant digital downloads via email

Songs and Instrumentals

Mp3, Wav Files & Stems Yes
Unlimited Usage Yes
No Voice Tags Yes
No Unauthorized Samples Yes
Secure Payment via PayPal Yes
Instant Delivery via email Yes
Instruments on Separate Files Stems Only

Stereo Vs Stems

Comparison Stereo Stems
Stereo Music File
Add Vocals (Instrumentals Only)
Instruments on Separate Files X
Add Effects to Instruments X
Control Instruments Levels X
Greater Control Over Mix X