What are Riddims (with their stems)?

    Reggae Music Shop is a premier online source for reggae riddims.

    But what are riddims?

    Riddim is the Jamaican Patois pronunciation of the English word "rhythm".

    In the context of reggae it refers to the instrumental accompaniment to a song.

    Riddims are the primary musical building blocks of reggae music.

    Reggae record producers often produce two or more different songs using the same riddim.

    Some reggae compilation albums feature only one riddim but with several different singers each singing a different song with different lyrics and melodies.

    Within the reggae industry it is common for a popular riddim to be re-recorded by other record producers and used to produce new songs.

    Most riddims available on Reggae Music Shop are sold on a non-exclusive license.

    A non-exclusive license means the riddim can be sold to more than one music buyer and used on different music projects.

    What are Stems?
    Stems are each instrument, (drums, guitar, bass, piano, etc) on their own individual audio file.

    During the final mix, the stems are bounced together to create the stereo file (of the song).

    Buying a riddim with its stems has several benefits including;

    1. Cheaper, quicker and easier than hiring musicians to record or re-record a riddim

    2. Stems allow for each of the instruments to be uploaded separately unto the computer in the recording studio

    3. Stems allow for each instrument to be given its own treatment of equalizations and effects

    4. Stems allow for greater control over the final mix-down to stereo

    The sale price of a riddim with its stems depends on the popularity of the riddim and/or its producer, but the industry standard sale price for an instrumental with its stems on a non-exclusive license is generally around £100 and £500 per riddim.

    When an artist knows they can buy a riddim they love, (with its stems) direct from the music creator and it will sound better and cost less than hiring musicians to record or re-record a riddim, most will buy direct.

    Publishing Income
    The income of the music creators on our website is important to us and publishing is a lucrative source of income.

    The music creators on Reggae Music Shop keep 100% of their publishing royalties.

    Unlike most music platforms, Reggae Music Shop has a feature for music creators to add their publishing details and we strongly encouraged music creators to add their publishing details when they upload their music.

    Publishing details are sent to music buyers when they purchased music.

    When the music is used commercially, publishing forms or cue sheets can then be completed with the music creator's publishing details and this help to ensure music creators receive their publishing royalties.

    Publishing is especially important and a lucrative source of income for music creators, if a song using one of their riddims becomes popular.

    Buying Riddims
    For singers and deejays looking to buy riddims, Reggae Music Shop is the perfect website.

    With hundreds of producers, labels and riddims to choose from and with the multiple filtering options on our music players, riddims can be previewed, purchased and downloaded with minutes.

    Music buyers can buy classics riddims from well-known labels and producers and new and original riddims from upcoming producers from around the world.

    Once a singer or deejay has purchased a riddim, recorded their lyrics and this new track has been mixed and mastered; the artist can then upload, promote and sell their newly recorded song on Reggae Music Shop