When it comes to voicing an riddim, singers and deejays have 4 choices

1. Voice the stereo version of the riddim - but this limits mixing options
2. Hire musicians and a studio to record a riddim - but this can be expensive
3. Find a record label - but this has become harder with fewer labels around
4. Buy a riddim with its stems - the stems allows for an unique mix of the riddim

But what are riddims?

Riddim is the Jamaican Patois pronunciation of the English word "rhythm".

In the context of reggae it refers to the instrumental accompaniment to a song.
Riddims are the primary musical building blocks of reggae music.

Reggae Music Shop is one of the premier online sources for reggae riddims.

Reggae Riddims
Reggae music producers are known for using the same riddim to produce two or more entirely different songs.

Some reggae compilation albums will feature one riddim with different singers each singing a different song with different lyrics and melodies.

It is very common within the reggae industry for music producers and musicians to copy and re-record a popular riddim for a new song.

Why Buy Reggae Riddims (with their stems)

For singers or deejays buying an instrumental is quicker, easier and cheaper than hiring musicians and a studio to record a riddim.

When buying an instrumental reggae riddim with it stems on Reggae Music Shop, the music buyer purchase the stereo version of the instrumental and its stems.

But what are Stems?
The stems are each of the instruments (drums, guitar, bass, piano, etc) provided on their own separate audio file.

Reggae Riddims
Use the stereo version of the instrumental riddim to compose lyrics and to practice singing the song and its melodies.

In the recording studio, the sound engineer can upload the stem of each instrument separately onto the computer.

Stems provide the same instrument output has if the musicians were in the recording studio with you recording each instrument.

The stems allows for each instrument to be given its own treatment of equalizations, effects and balancing.

The stems allows for greater control over the final mix.

With the stems, the artist can place the exact amount of equalization, reverb and echo as they want and create their very own unique mix of the riddim and the best final mix of their song.

Reggae Riddims
Once a riddim has been purchased, the lyrics recorded and the new track has been mixed and mastered, this newly recorded song can then be uploaded and sold on Reggae Music Shop

Sale Price of Riddims
The sale price of riddims with their stems depends on the popularity of the riddim and/or its producer, but the industry standard sale price for an instrumental with its stems on a non-exclusive license is generally around £100 and £500 per riddim.

A non-exclusive license means the riddim can be sold to more than one music buyer and used on different projects.

We realise it’s not just singers and deejays who wish to buy instrumental reggae riddims, but also film-makers, dancers and other visual artist.

Reggae Music Shop is the perfect music marketplace to buy instrumental reggae riddims.

With hundreds of producers, labels and riddims to choose from and with the multi-search options on our music player, riddims can be previewed, purchased and downloaded with minutes.

Buy classics reggae riddims from well-known labels and producers and new and original riddims from upcoming producers from around the world.

Reggae Riddims
Why Sell Reggae Riddims (with their stems)
Anyone anywhere can hire musicians, enter a recording studio and re-record a reggae instrumental riddim without the knowledge and permission of the music creator(s) and without the music creator(s) ever receiving a penny.

Why sell reggae riddims (with their stems) .... Publishing Royalties!!!

There’s no pension to mention in the music industry, but publishing is the next best thing and the right riddim can provide an income for many years.

Publishing royalties is a very lucrative source of income, especially when a song featuring the riddim of a music creator becomes popular.

Reggae Riddims
When an artist knows they can buy a riddim (with its stems) direct from the music creator and it will cost less than hiring musicians to record or re-record a riddim, most will buy direct.

Add your publishing details
Unlike most music platforms, on Reggae Music Shop music creators can add their publishing details when they upload their music and we strongly recommend they do.

When music is purchased, along with the music, the publishing details are sent to music buyer.

When the music is used commercially as a backing track for a music or visual project, the music buyer can complete the necessary publishing forms or cue sheets, with the music creator’s publishing details.

Music creators keep 100% of their publishing royalties.

Reggae Music Shop does not collect publishing royalties and advice music creators to ensure they receive their publishing royalties; they should register their music with their local copyright collection agency or sign to a publishing company.

Why sell reggae riddims (with their stems)?
1. Set the sale price, (rrp is £100 - £500 per riddim)
2. Keep 80% of the sale price, (Paid subscribers keep 100%)
3. Keep 100% of publishing royalties

Upload and Sell Riddims with Stems

Reggae Riddims
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