Selling Music

What's Required To Upload Music

    First you’ll need to set up an account; it’s free to sign up.
    Remember your profile page is there to express yourself and connect with your audience.

    Your Profile Photo should reflective your artistry and be eye-catching, please no selfies.

    Your Biography should include information about yourself and your creative journey.
    Fans and music buyers will feel more in touch with your art the more they know about you.

    Songs and instrumentals must be must be either a WAV File or Mp3

    Instrumentals (Riddims) can be sold with their stems, but this is optional.
    A riddim with its stems is the stereo mix of the riddim (on mp3 or wav) and with each instrument on a separate audio file.
    Stems allow artists and producers to have greater control over the final mix down to stereo.

    Your income is very important to us!
    Publishing can be a lucrative source of income when your music is used commercially.
    So add your publishing details when you upload your music, but this is optional.

How Much Can I Earn

    “With the commission percentage being so low, the music creators really are at the heart of this website, which is refreshing to see;
    Artists and producers earn more from their hard work.”

    Music creators set and keep 80% of sale price on downloads and their merchandise, (minus PayPal fees).

    Sign up via our Pro Plan and keep 100% of the sale price on downloads and 80% for merchandise, (minus PayPal fees).

Price Strategically

    Finding the right selling price can be difficult but the bottom-line is to sell at a price that will get you sales!

    Mp3 is the standard format in which most music sold;
    Songs and riddims on mp3 are generally priced £2 to £10 each

    Wav files have better sound quality than mp3 and for this reason they tend to be used for professional projects;
    Songs and riddims on wav are generally priced £2 to £50 each

    Albums - (i.e. the individual tracks cannot be purchased separately) on mp3 or wav files are generally priced £10 and £25 per copy

    The sale price of a riddim with its stems depends on the popularity of the riddim and/or its producer, but the industry standard sale price for an instrumental with its stems on a non-exclusive license is generally around £100 and £500 per riddim.

Why Sign Up To The Pro Plan

    Unlock additional features when subscribe via our Pro Plan.

    The Pro Plan offers unlimited uploads; meaning music creators can upload their entire music catalogue and keep 100% of the sale price.

    Pro Plan members can sell albums, (i.e. the tracks not sold separately), it could be a compilation, their solo album or an album of versions.
    Sell only 15 copies of your album at £10 each equals one year annual subscription.

    We know it can be hard to promote your music on limited funds, so we provide free promotion for Pro Plan members.

    Pro Plan members can feature as the Artist of the Week and as a Featured Artist and our promo team regularly tweet and post their music on social media.

    Increase promotion brings increase awareness (of your music) and increase awareness brings increase sales.

How Can I Withdraw Funds

    Income can be withdrawn at anytime
    There's no minimum withdraw limit for PayPal
    For bank transfers the minimum withdraw limit is £100

    1. Login
    2. Click on Dashboard
    3. Click on the tab - Withdraw Funds
    4. Enter the amount
    5. Add your PayPal or Bank Account details
    6. Click Withdraw

Music Players

    Our music players are really easy to use with multiple filtering options to help buyers find the right genre, tempo and price.
    The search technology ensures music can be previewed, purchased and downloaded within minutes.

    These music players are also amazing promotional tools; music can be shared on social media platforms and music players can be embedded on any website that allows the posting of HTML code.

    Music players are HTML5 and compatible on smart phones, iPads and tablets and the music is stored on encrypted servers and digitally voiced tagged.

Who Owns The Music

    Music creators retain full ownership, copyright and control of their music

Unauthorized Samples

    Music must NOT contain any unauthorized samples and should be recorded using original sounds made on real instruments and/or virtual instruments.

    Where samples have been used they must be royalty-free and cleared for use.
    Using unauthorized samples can result in having your account revoked.

    Reggae Music Ltd absolves all responsibility for any copyrighted content uploaded and has no way of knowing if a recording contains unauthorized samples and cannot be held liable for any sampled or falsely presented recordings.

Selling A Riddim With Its Stems

    Anyone anywhere can hire some musicians and re-record a riddim without the knowledge of the music creator and without the music creator ever receiving a penny.

    When an artist knows they can buy the riddim they love, (with its stems) direct from the music creator and it will be sound better and cost less than hiring musicians to re-record a riddim, most will buy direct.

    It is quicker, cheaper and easier for a singer or deejay to buy a riddim with its stems than for them to hire a recording studio and the musicians necessary to record a riddim.

    For more information about selling Riddims With Their Stems - Click Here

Buying Music

Some of the Benefits

    Buying music is quick, easy and safe with a wide variety of reggae genres and styles

    Buying a riddim with its audio stems is a cost effective way of buying production music

    Support artists or producers by buying their music directly from them

    Buy reggae classics and the latest songs, riddims and albums

    Purchased music is immediate delivered via a download link sent by email

Mp3, Wav File and Stems

    Mp3 is the standard format that most digital downloads are sold.
    Songs and riddims on mp3 are generally priced £2 to £10 each

    Wav files have better sound quality and are generally used for professional projects.
    Songs and riddims on wav are generally priced £2 to £50 each

    Instrumentals (riddims) with their stems are the stereo mix of the instrumental (on mp3 or wav) and with each of the instruments provided on a separate audio file.
    Stems allows for greater control over the music and the final mix (down) to stereo.
    The industry standard sale price for an instrumental with its stems on a non-exclusive license is generally around £100 and £500 per riddim.

Non Exclusive vs Exclusive

    Non-exclusive license means the music can be sold more than once and to more than one music buyer.

    Exclusive license means the music can be only sold once and the music buyer has purchased the exclusive rights to use the music.

    When a song or riddim has been sold as an exclusive, the music creator can no longer sell or use that music commercially.

Why Are Sale Prices Different

    Artists and producers set the sale price of their music, so prices will vary.
    All prices are in UK Pounds, (£'s)

What Happens After Purchase

    We are not just here for the artists and producers; we think about our music buyers too.

    Music can be purchased without subscription and selected, previewed and downloaded within minutes.

    Once music has been purchased, music buyers will immediately receive an email with a link to download their purchased music and a link to the terms and conditions and when provided, the music creator's publishing details.

How Can The Music Be Used

    Music lovers, sound systems and radio deejays can:-
  • Buy the music for their listening pleasure
  • Buy and broadcast the music on the radio, internet and television
  • Buy and play the music as background music to an audience

  • Film-makers, dancers and visual artists looking for background music for their artistic projects can:-
  • Buy and use the music for radio, internet and television advertising
  • Buy and use the music as background music for a public performance

  • Buy and use the music for a video and film production not exceed £100,000
    Productions over £100,000 will require a license direct from the music creator

  • Sync Licensing - Synchronize with multi-media productions
    Buy and sync the music to animations, video games, internet videos and all other forms of media

  • Singers and deejays looking for instrumentals to record their lyrics and release the finished track can:-
  • Buy an instrumental track (riddim) and add their vocals, additional sounds and instruments

  • Sell up to 500 units of the newly recorded song containing the instrumental
    Units include CDs, digital downloads and all other forms of media
    Sales over 500 units will require a license direct from the music creator



    Copyright is the term used to describe the legal rights of sound recordings and other creative works.

    Copyrights are exclusive to the copyright owner and enable them to control how their work is used.

    Music creators retain full ownership, copyright and control of their music and buyers have only purchased the right to use the recording.

Royalty Free Music

    Royalty Free Music means the music has a one-off licensing fee, i.e. the sale price

    Music can be synchronized with additional audio and/or video without additional sync fees.

    Performance Royalties are still payable by the broadcaster for radio or television airplay.

    Royalty Free is not the same as copyright free, in the case of royalty free, the copyright is still owned by the music creator.

Derivative Work

    Derivative Work is a work created by editing, modifying, adapting or adding to an already pre-existing work.

    To be copyrightable a derivative work must incorporate some or all of a pre-existing work and add new original copyrightable authorship to that work, for example adding vocals on an instrumental.

    The copyright of a derivative work covers only new material and does not extend to the pre-existing the recording.

Covers and Versions

    A cover version is a new recording of a previously recorded song or instrumental by someone other than the original musicians and/or artist.

    The publishing and copyrights of cover versions remains with the copyright owners.

    Artists and producers who want to upload a cover version should ensure they have acquired a performance and mechanical license.

Performance Royalties

    Music used in broadcasting, streaming or in a live performance can be entitled to Performance Royalties.

    Broadcasters pay Performance Royalties to copyright collection societies who then distribute this income to the copyright owners.

    Cue sheets are used to identify the copyright owners and report how the music has been used.
    Cue sheets need to be completed when appropriate and where the music creator has provided the publishing details.

    We absolves all responsibility in regards to royalties.
    Music creators should ensure their music has been registered with their publisher and/or copyright collection society and it is the responsibility of music buyers to submit cue sheets.

Not A Member of a Copyright Collection Society

    Music can still be uploaded if the artist or producer is not a member of a copyright collection society, (e.g. ASCAP, BMI, PRS, SACEM)

    To ensure music creators receive their publishing income we recommend they apply for membership with their local Copyright Collection Society and/or sign to a publishing company


Intellectual Property

    We takes a strong stand on protecting intellectual property and copyrights and we will immediately revoke the account of anyone violating another person’s intellectual property.

    We regularly carry out random inspections of uploaded content to ensure any violations are removed.

    Reggae Music Ltd is not responsibility for any copyrighted content uploaded and we have no way of knowing if a recording contains unauthorized samples or if copyrighted content has been uploaded and cannot be held liable for any unauthorized samples or falsely presented uploaded content.

    The subscribers, as part of the Terms and Conditions, confirms they are legally responsible for any copyrighted content uploaded.