License Fee

    The artist or producer has granted a licence to you for use of their musical work in return for payment of the sale price.
    You acknowledge once payment has been made it is non refundable.

Licence Terms

    Upon payment the artist or producer grants you the right of use of their music throughout the world and in accordance with this agreement.


    The artist or producer has confirmed the following:-
    They are the copyright owner or have been granted authority by the copyright owner(s) to upload the music. The music does not infringe any intellectual property rights or the rights of any third party.
    The music does not contain any unauthorized samples and any samples used are royalty-free and cleared for use.
    The artist or producer shall indemnify you from all losses and costs arising from any claims from third parties.
    The artist or producer confirms is not responsible for any copyrighted material uploaded and we has no way of knowing if a recording contains unauthorized samples and cannot be held liable for any sampled or falsely presented recording.

Music Buyers May Not

    Sell, transfer, sub-license, share, auction, give away or otherwise assign this license or the rights granted to any to any individual, third party or business.

    Sell the music or make it available in any manner that would enable a third party to unauthorized use, distribution or download the music as a separate file, such as in e-card templates, on FTP (file transfer) servers, file sharing networks or websites.

    Sell the music or make it available as part of any competing product such as music compilation or music library.

    Claim to be copyright owner of the music.

    Subject the music to any derogatory treatment as defined in the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Publishing and Credits

    You agree to register the artist or producer’s interest at the collection society in their home territory to ensure that mechanical and performance royalties are collected throughout the world.

    You agree to credited the artist or producer in any distribution, performance or otherwise disseminate to the public of the music.

    You acknowledge the artist or producer still retains the ownership and copyrights and they shall have the right to re-sell the music, (unless the music has been sold as an Exclusive).

The artist or producer grants the music buyer the right of use of their music as follows:-

    Members of the public, sound systems and radio deejays can
  • Enjoy the music for their or the listening pleasure of their audience
  • Broadcast the music on radio and television networks
  • Play the music as background music to an audience

  • Film-makers, dancers and visual artists can
  • Use the music for radio, internet and television advertising

  • Use the music for video and film productions not exceed £500,000
    Productions over £500,000 will require a license direct from the artist or producer

  • Use the music as background music for a public performance

  • Sync Licensing - Synchronize with multi-media productions
    Use the music to sync with animations, video games, internet videos and all other forms of media

  • Singers and deejays can
  • Add their vocals and additional sounds and instruments to instrumentals

  • Sell up to 2,000 units that contain the instrumental in a newly recorded Songs
    Units include CDs, digital downloads and all other forms of media, sales over 2,000 units will require a license direct from the artist or producer

Limit of Liability

    You agree to defend, indemnify and hold the free and harmless against any and all claims, suits, liability, loss, damage, judgments, recoveries, costs, expenses and attorney's fees made or brought, paid, or incurred directly or indirectly by any party due to any breach or claim of breach of this license agreement or in connection with the use of or copyright of the music.


    If you fail to comply with any terms above the artist or producer shall have the right to terminate this licence and all rights shall revert back to the artist or producer.


    This Licence constitutes the entire licence agreement between the parties and there are no other understandings, agreements or representations with respect to the music not specified here.

    This licence shall be governed by the laws of the country of resident of the artist or producer and the parties irrevocably submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts.

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